Amethyst ornament

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Amethyst Lobby
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amethyst geode
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Amethyst, a precious mineral


From Egypt to Ancient Greece, the amethyst was a symbol of protection and humility. Its purple hues, sometimes diaphanous, sometimes translucent, are said to protect from excesses.


Down the ages, linked to all established orders from the most noble to the most sacred, this microcristalline stone (from the Silicate family), has lost nothing of its wonder and its qualities. 


Stimulating in turn the imagination, creativity, clarity of mind and serenity, the rock cristallises the three cardinal virtues in one perfect gemstone : those of beauty, inalterability and rarity.   


interior decoration
Amethyst ornament

Let yourself guided in a world of serenity and beauty


The elegance of this stone is made for exceptional places

In a hotel Lobby, its beauty will be unforgettable.

In a spa, it will bring peace and serenity more than ever

 own a wall of Amethyst is to chose timelessness.

The intensity of its colour and its incomparable shine will make you feel as if you entered a sanctuary. You will feel protected.

Its material is alive. It will captivate you with the perfectly irregular form of its crystal .

To own a wall of Amethyst is to chose Exception. It will go beyond your expectations.