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for the love of stones


There are stories written in stone. For Magali Vinas we should say stones. Those that are fine or precious, are enough to transform a childhood dream into a brilliant destiny.  It is the story of a passion for gems, like second nature.  She would make it her business. First and foremost a gemmologist, exploring the original formation of minerals, she became totally absorbed by the infinite shades of rough tourmalines, the depth of a saphire or the power of an amethyst. Then, the time came for showcasing and great names: Bulgari, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels… Names that over a decade fell for this gracious personality, abounding with energy.  Preferring emotion to perfection, Magali Vinas left the jewellers’ microcosm in 2015 and wrote another chapter. For it is quite simply their natural state, without any embellishment, that gems appealed to her.  Uncut, without perfectly aligned facets, without studied cuts. Let the material live, let it thrive in its most natural form to savour the shapes and colours.  Isn’t that the definition of precious ? Today, Magali Vinas is shaping another strong point in her career, driving the precision of her craft up a notch. Inlaying stone in stone. Jewalls, was thus born, allowing amethyst set in its decorative surround to be a work of art in its own right. With this game of what is possible, the creator has revealed the cross-over between several worlds.  The boundary between the art and the science of stones has never before been as permeable for our fantasy world.  But even more, it is witness to a form of continuum between the products of nature which are the minerals, the hold they have on Man because of their beauty and their rarity and the way they are worshipped by jewellers and jewellery designers.



a precious mineral

From Egypt to Ancient Greece, the amethyst was a symbol of protection and humility. Its purple hues, sometimes diaphanous, sometimes translucent, are said to protect from excesses. Down the ages, linked to all established orders from the most noble to the most sacred, this microcristalline stone (from the Silicate family), has lost nothing of its wonder and its qualities.  Stimulating in turn the imagination, creativity, clarity of mind and serenity, the rock cristallises the three cardinal virtues in one perfect gemstone : those of beauty, inalterability and rarity.  


From extraction to composition

It was on a detour on a trip to Sri Lanka with Patrick Voillot, famous gemmologist, that the idea of developing amethyst in another form took root in Magali Vinas’s heart, taking her straight to Brazil, the epicentre of the most beautiful reserves of coloured stones.  On the mountain-side, amethyst mines reveal precious geodes. In the cracks and cavities of the igneous rocks, everything obeys the laws of a delicate balance.  From the stone that radiates its beauty in the hand of man.  Nobility of the material, technical prowesse, happy « curiosities » of nature, the amethyst crystallises its power at the heart of this work, that no-one can help but see.