About the miners



I am proud to say that our extraction process respects both Nature and men a work.

As soon as a mine is open, a team of gemologists and engineers securs the place to protect the workers. It is also important that you know that the amethyst mines are hillside and not underground.

A medical scheme covers the workers medical issues.

For each metre dug in a tunnel, a tree is planted.

There is no exploitation of Man over Man or Man over Nature. And this gives me confidence and legitimity to present this project… your project !

Technical aspect

The Cladding I propose is inovative, its elegance and its beauty are unique.

Everything is designed to give the feeling of one and only stone, no matter the size of the design. There is no limit.

The amethyst geodes are extracted from Brazilian mines.

Each geode is checked in order to obtain colour consistency. The best quality is required (special quality)

We record 50 % loss on the geodes as only the flat parts are tapped. Then, through meticulous work we piece Amethyst stones together on a resin base.

An extensive study  was undertaken in order to find the best way to make joints invisible. Everything is designed in Brazil. JEWALL works exclusively with highly professionals.

Once the tiles are mounted, I step in on site to put in all joints with a stone polisher. This is a craft of high precision and meticulousness.

The weight per metre square varies from 250kg to 280kg and the thickness depending on the size of the crystal, is between 6 cm and 12 cm.

Back lightening is impossible with amethyst as the crystal is held in its opaque veinstone. Therefore, Lightening can only be made from the front of the wall.

For your information, the waiting period is 2 to 6 months .